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The enormous variety of olive oil's aromas makes oil the proper nourishment for any type of cooking. The population of Mediterranean area were the first people to use the olive for cooking and just thanks to the "Mediterranean diet", which
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plays an importan role in the prevention, they still have the record for the lowest cardio-vascular deseases.
The oil can be fruity, sweet or bitter, strong or delicate; in fact, its flavour depending on several natural factors. The oil is divided into three categories according to its acidity and purity.


The extravirgin olive oil hasn't to subjected to a

Types of Olives

refining process. The extravirgin olive oil must have an acidity percentage inferior to 1% (1 gr per 100 gr).

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This oil is virgin too, but its acidity hasn't to exceed the 1%. It's flavour depends on the place of origin of the ollives.
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It's a mixture between refined olive oil and extravirgin olive oil. The added percentage of extravirgin olive oil changes according to its flavour.
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The Pomace Oil is obtained from the residue of the olive

paste plus a percentage of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a complex compound made of monosatured fatty acids and a right quantity of linolenic fatty acids, poliphenols, vitamine E and Beta Carotene.These natural anti-oxidants have beneficial effects for our health and for the natural curing.
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