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The Olive trees have an old history. The Classic literature speaks about a few Olive Trees of about 6-7 centuries old. Nowadays there are olive's trees of about centuries old (In Sanremo there is an Olive Tree of 400 years old). The Oil is nothing but pressed olives.

The Production
The main types of olive trees that grow in Italy are the follows:
.in Calabria and in Lucania, Oliarola del Vulture, Ottobrarica,Sinopolese;
.in Basilicata and Puglia, Augellina, Cellina of Robetta,Coratina, Leccese, Oliarola barese,Provenzale;
Categories of Oil
.in Abruzzo, Molise and Campania, Aurina, Carpellese, Cellina of Robetta, Cicinella,
Dritta, Gentile of Larino, Oliarola of Avellino, Pisciottana, Ravece and Rotondella;
Our Health
.in Marche and Umbria, Sargano;
.in Lazio, Canino, Carboncello, Rosciola;
.in Toscana, Frantoiana, Maurino, Moraiolo;
.in Liguria, Taggiasca, Pinola di Savona, Razzola;
.in Lombardia, Casaliva;
.in Sicilia, Ogliara, Caltabellotese, Biancolilla;
.in Sardegna, Bosana, olivo of Cagliari, Sassarese.
The major table's types are:
The Communication

Ascolana tenera, Augellina, Cellina barese, Cucco Gaetana,Giarroffa, Limona

Majatica,Oliva of Cerignola, Rotondella of Lucania.
By the way, the use of oil depends on the cultivar of origin, but also from a series of delicate operations.
Our oil press works with the best olives only
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