The Company

The production Technologies
The oil is preserved into buried tanks in particular places for oils only.
The harvested olives, picked at the right ripening stage are collected according to their quality and they are filtrated through cotton wool so as the Barese tradiction requests.
There are a great series of delicate operations, starting from the harvest of the olives up to the conservation of the bottled product.

The Production
Categories of Oil
The production process has still done with classical millstones. The superioty of oil is based on strict parameters be it extra virgin or not and it also must be analyzed to determinate

whether the oil is genuine or not: one is the chemical-physical laboratory test to accertain its actual composition; the other is a sensory analysis carried out by experts who evaluate its appearance, bouquet and taste to identify merits and defects.

Our Health
The Communication
In order to identify the quality and defects of the oil,
Olearia Campana entrusts professional tasters through the traditional tasting: which is also called the organoleptic test.
There is also a system control for the packaging, that has codified in disciplinary regulations to guarantee sanitary and fiscals certifications.

Production Controls
The responsible who controls the line production, also checks the empty bottles system protection. The bottles must be unbroken until the depalletizer entrance and the tanks and pipes of the bottle filling machine must be clear perfectly as well.

Production for Third Party
Final Controls
The delicate duties of professional staff, who undertake to find the best quality primary product, begin from the Company Laboratory where the product is analyzed according to the current "CEE Laws".
For further analysis the product is taken to an external modern Research Laboratory to complete any controls.
Contacts and Location
Characteristic and methodos control on the final product
The adoption of the "CEE" Laws makes Olearia Campana able to achieve the quality aim to offer its customers a satisfying product.
At the Company Laboratory the product has checked with a chemical physical deepened anlysis, such as the acidity and peroxides, the spectrophotometer and gas chromatographs, triglicerides and organoleptic to guarantee a constant high quality to consumers.