The Company
Chemical studies show that a balanced diet with Extravirgin Olive Oil, lowers the bad cholesterol (LDL) levels in the blood and improves the good cholesterol (HDL); it also helps to sprevent cardiovascular and arteriosclerosis deseases.
The Production
This product has had a great success since the ancient times and it is considered an irreplaceable element for its curatives properties. The Extravirgin Olive Oil is an important element for the baby's weaning and helps hormone and biological membrana synthesis.
It must be always on our table also because gives dishes a precious flavour.
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Types of Olives
The Communication
Weaning and childhood
The high presence of linoleic monosatured acid makes the Extravirgin Olive Oil an irreplaceable nourishment during the weaning and a very good element source for the bones. The oil is easily digestible and it is essential for growing organism.

Adolescence and Youth
The Extravirgin Olive Oil has an important energetic function. It is particularly suitable for the diet of young people who practise a lot of sport, because it provides a source of energy which is easily absorbed.

The Extravirgin Olive Oil has a low smoke point therefore it is recommended for frying because resistant to high temperatures (oxidation).

Production for Third Party
Adult Age
The high percentage of antioxidants prevent the activity of free
radicals, that is, chemical compound responsible for the ageing of cells. The Extravirgin Olive Oil is easily digestible, a detail which must not be understimated nowadays, it is easily digestible and reduces the loss of calcium in the bones.
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